Sunday, April 02, 2006

Living Control - The Luxury Touch of Multiroom AV

It's a solid gold proposition, the answer to a prayer. Multiroom entertainment is the 'no-brainer' solution to the perennial conflict between decor and entertainment in the home. Its power resides in a promise improve access to entertainment and yet rid the home of multiple hi-fi systems, wires, racks and associated paraphernalia, leaving decor virtually unmolested. A virtuous liaison of convenience and aesthetic liberation has propelled the concept into new builds and renovations for over a decade, but the speed of take up is accelerating with a widening choice of delivery.

Basic Principles
The principle of multiroom entertainment is simple: a central source shared by many users in different locations. There are three types of system now available: the very rudimentary two room (or two zone) system, which relies on simple speaker level control of sound in the second zone from an amplifier in the first; a bespoke system, which is custom-installed and tailored precisely to user needs in terms of access and choice of source; and the newest category of system, which uses a PC as the source and a wireless network as a means of distribution.

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