Thursday, September 29, 2005

Alrosa May Co-Brand With Luxury Groups

Alrosa, Russia's Yakutia-based diamond monopoly, is discussing the possibility of co-branding with Tiffani & Co and Cartier, head of Alrosa Alexander Nichiporuk told the Russian Luxury Forum 2005 in Moscow, reports Interfax. Nichiporuk says that the parties are all interested, though discussions have yet to reach the negotiating stage.

According to Nichiporuk, Alrosa and Kristall of Smolensk, Russia's biggest diamond cutting enterprise, have also created a joint brand to promote their products on the market.

Neiman Marcus Does Its Part for Luxury Market

This year's recently released Neiman Marcus Christmas Book provides ample evidence that the U.S. luxury market is indeed thriving.
As in the past, the 79-year-old annual tribute to indulgence features numerous high-priced, unique baubles and toys for shoppers who have enough $1,000 articles of clothing.

The standouts include a $3.5 million M400 Skycar prototype, the world's first personal vertical take-off and landing vehicle, and a private concert with Sir Elton John for $1.5 million.

There's also a personal photo booth for $20,000, a life-size, custom-painted IndyCar Series Car replica with flat-screen monitor and video game for $65,000 and a limited-edition sculpture that floats on an invisible magnetic wave for $90,000.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

$2mil diamond pen, anyone?

$2 million diamond pen, anyone?