Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring's hottest new luxury cars

This spring's hottest new cars are all about money.

Half of the vehicles in the following slide show, which highlights ten of this season's most desirable new luxury cars, have sticker prices in the six figures. What's more, they are worth it.

We are talking about such highly desirable vehicles as the newest Aston Martin from Ford Motor, the 500-horsepower BMW M6 coupe and the quickest Cadillac that General Motors has ever built, the XLR-V convertible.

Fortunes are riding on these vehicles. Take the ultra-cool Cadillac Escalade EXT pickup, which will go on sale in May. It is part of the new Escalade family (the SUV version just went on sale), and GM desperately needs the Escalade to be a hit. The nameplate is not only the flagship vehicle riding on GM's new GMT900 architecture, on which the company may have spent over $1 billion (GM has repeatedly declined to declare the development cost to, it is also a risk: an expensive, big, high-profit truck line that is coming out as sales of such vehicles are declining.

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