Monday, March 20, 2006

Global brand that means luxury - and James Bond

Savile Row is the epicentre of bespoke tailoring and is envied around the globe. Men travel from as far afield as New York and San Francisco for what are considered to be the world's best suits.

"I can't think of another street that has almost become a brand in itself," says Carlo Brandelli, the creative director of Kilgour. "Whether you are in Tokyo or New York, Savile Row stands for prestige and luxury. It is synonymous with the impeccably dressed man, James Bond and England."

Firms such as Huntsman and Ede and Ravenscroft are masters of all the elusive qualities that major fashion brands seek, including unequalled customer service and a rich heritage.

When Tom Ford, the former Gucci supremo, announced his new menswear store opening in New York in the autumn, he described it as "a cross between a Savile Row tailor and an Italian fashion company".

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