Sunday, January 15, 2006

'Brabus' likely to launch luxury sedans in India

New Delhi, Jan. 15 (PTI): Luxury Mercedes cars are dime a dozen in India, but ultra-rich Indians would soon be able to make their machines that symbolise power and prestige stand apart from the crowd, courtesy German bespoke carmaker 'Brabus'.

The German company, which specialises in enhancing engine performance of Mercedes and Maybach vehicles by increasing both power and torque, is planning to launch its "highly individual" products in India this year.

Though its primary focus is on extracting maximum engine performance to produce the fastest street-legal luxury sedans, Brabus also provides improvements to the interior, from upholstery to trim to various electronics.

"We are in talks with two Mercedes Benz dealers in Mumbai and one in New Delhi to introduce our highly individual products," Brabus' Constantin Buschmann, said.

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